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    From the Electoral Commission guidelines;
    “If you want to use a party name or description, you must submit alongside your other nomination papers a certificate that shows that you are authorised to use the
    party’s name or description (known as a certificate of
    authorisation).” – I just saved Mr Waters a heck of a large legal bill.

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      Ian Waters

      We are fully conversant with the Electoral commission guidelines. It is WBDC that have implemented their own additional nomination requirements without issuing their guidance for submission. The nomination papers were completed as per the EC guidelines and signed by a UKIP authorised member these were all handed in on time the reason given by WBDC is that proof of authorisation was not given. this is not an electoral commission requirement
      WBDC failed to issue to UKIP, Its candidate or agent any such requirement prior to the deadline date /time We appreciate your comments we

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    Gary Johnson

    As a UKIP supporter I am furious that members of the pubic were not given the opportunity to vote in this by-election for UKIP. Perhaps the West Berkshire Council considers UKIP a threat and therefore not allow them to take part. Ian’s opportunity will arrive again when the Town council go to the polls in two years time along with many more proposed councillors representing UKIP. The days of either Tories or Lib Dems winning seats will change for the better.

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